24hr Emergency Service Call: +1 713 992 6664 / +1 713 909 0122

24hr Emergency Service Call: +1 713 992 6664

Specialized Projects Support

MarineWorld Solutions is experience with and can provide the following specialized project support

  • Marine input to model tests.
  • Monitoring major transports using proprietary software with vessel motions & acceleration input from onboard systems and live weather data feed from ashore, to weather route heavy transport vessel with critical project cargoes safely to destination.
  • Detailed evaluation of channels for critical wet/dry tows, dredging, realistic tow simulator training with towmaster, pilots, tugs and execution of major wet tows.
  • DP floatover, design, planning and execution.
  • Major wet and dry tow design, planning and execution.
  • Single Point Mooring terminal design, engineering, installation, operations, maintenance and training of personnel.
  • Providing Marine facility & SPM offshore operations and maintenance crew, training and services.
  • In-situ docking of FPSOs
  • Riskman 2 major transport HAZID facilitation & attendance.
  • Marine Warranty scope management & services.